Best nova launcher customization 2022

 Best Nova launcher Customization

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The Best nova launcher customization

Launcher is the name given to the Android user interface that lets users customize their home screen, launch Android apps, make phone calls, and perform other tasks on Android devices. Launcher is built into Android, however there are a number of Launchers available for download in the Play store.

The look of Android is evolving every year.

The best Android launchers offer you to take full control of your phone's User Interface.

The best Android launchers can give the best makeover, from changing the looks with attractive icons and themes, taking control over android assistant.

The best Android launchers you can download today

Finding the best launcher for android phones is a matter of users personal taste, The launcher which does a good job in balancing all features, customization and performance is Nova Launcher, so we recommended Nova Launcher.

You can't talk about the best Android launchers without a mention of Nova Launcher. Fast, sleek and highly customizable. 

There are a lot of options to work through, from color themes to icon packs, scrollable docks to app drawer customizations, to folder settings and infinite scrolling. 

You would not believe the above customization taken on Samsung Galaxy S5(Exynos) in 2021 even though it is running Marshmallow Stock Rom. It has been highly customized by Nova Launcher. That's the Power of Android.

Nova Launcher is highly customizable, and the best home screen replacement. Nova has advanced features that help to enhance your home screens, Nova launcher is cleaner and faster.

Custom Icon Themes: Nova supports thousands of icon themes available in the Play Store.

Night Mode and Dark Theme: Have night mode come on automatically at a specific time, or leave it on for a dark theme.

Customizable App Drawer: Vertical or horizontal scroll, page effects, and card or immersive options are just a few of the things you’ll find available for the app drawer.

Speed: Nova is highly optimized, with smooth and snappy animations that will give even older phones a fast and fluid feel.

How to Customize your Android phone using Nova Launcher

Go to Play Store Type Nova Launcher install the Nova Launcher again go to Play Store and type Circons Icon Packs download it and install it. Once Installation is completed.

Now go to your Android phone settings, In settings search for Default applications, Select Home and Change default home to Nova Launcher, Now Nova launcher is your default launcher. 

and then go to home screen long press on the home screen and then select settings Now Nova Launcher settings will be opened

Under Nova Settings 

Select Night Mode

Turn on the night mode

Under Nova Settings 

Select Home screen

Under home Screen

Select Desktop grid

Select how many apps want to be in row and column for Home as well as in App Drawer

Next Select Icon layout select Label and Turn Off it Then go back

Next under Search bar place select None

Next under Search provider, select Nova search

Next Wallpapers scrolling turn off it

Now Go back to Nova Settings

Under Nova Settings

Select App Drawer

Under App Drawer

Select Icon layout turn off the label then go back

Select Background color, change it to black 

Select Background transparency, Drag it to 90%

Select Frequently used apps turn off it 

Select Top bar and select None

Turn On Swipe Indicator

Now Go back to Nova Settings

Under Nova Settings

Select Folders

Under Folders

Change Windows style Background color

Drag Transparency to 70%

Select Corner radius, Drag it to 48 dp

Now Go back to Nova Settings

Under Nova Settings

Select Look & Feel

Under Look & Feel

Select Icon Style

Select Icon pack and Select Circons

Turn on Reshape legacy Icons

Turn on Normalize Icon Size

In case if you need to change default apps icons given by Circon Icons pack

Go to App Drawer longer press on the app(App which you like to change icon) select edit

Now select Edit app after that select circons Now you can see list of Icons Select one of the Icon you like, then select Done, Like that you can change Icons in app drawer.

Nova Launcher free get it on playstore

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