How to backup android apps including system apps in 2022

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How to backup android apps including system apps this article created for those who like to customize their phones and those who like to remove android app using ADB or else those who like to root their android phone only for removing system app, you can find other than system apps from play store or some other store but if you lost your system app It's more difficult to find from Play Store or some other App Stores. When you are playing with ADB command you need to be more careful, which system app you need to uninstall In case by mistake if you uninstall most important System app your Android phone will throw the error and you can't able to use the Android phone and you search for google you can’t able to find the app. In that situation the only possible way to recover your phone is formatting a phone so you will lose your work and you need to redo your work but if you have backup of System app then you can able to restore it and make your phone to work well, That's why?  you need to backup your system apps.

Even by installing custom ROM, it may cause some driver error for example if you install custom Rom in Galaxy phone you may last SO2 sensors, Heart rate sensors, Air Browse and Air view sensors, for solve that problem you need Shealth service.apk like that.

It’s always advisable to take backup of System apps either one by one or all the system apps.

So This article provides a procedure to backup your Android app which includes your system apps

How to backup and Restore

Now go to Play Store search for backup and restore now you can see backup and restore given by trust look security lab select and install it.
After completion of installation now open the app allow permission to access your storage, Select allow storage now app will get open,  In left side corner there is menu bar select it and then select settings under backup path select Browse, Now Back and Restore app ask authorized to your SD card select SD card and authorize to SD card,  Now go back to the settings under UA settings Select Show System apps now go back to App dashboard Now in the dashboard it will shows all the apps including system apps which are the apps you need to backup either select particular app or select all the apps and then click backup now it will back up your apps into to the folder called App_Backup_Restore.
Once the backup is completed it will show in Archive you can able to see it, In my case  Memo and Message both are system apps now you can see this app has been back up in my SD card storage in App_Backup_Restore folder to see that go to File Manager.

In case if your phone does not support SD card it will be stored in your Internal memory.
In the App_Backup_Restore folder under the archive folder you can able to see apk files of the apps which you Backup right now. Now go back to the App_Backup_Restore folder Select the folder by long-pressing it now you will get more options select it you can copy the folder or move the folder to some other location wherever you need,  In case if you need to backup the file to Google drive then you need to compress it to zip file.
Once compressed to zip file long-press it now select share icon and select Google drive now this backup will be uploaded to Google drive it will be safe.

Note: Don't change the folder name

Note: In this app itself it has the option to upload backup  to Google Drive but for now it's not working fine. It has an API problem so don’t depend on it.

Features  Backup and Restore App

• Batch Backup & Restore to internal storage of phone by default

• Batch Backup & Restore to SD card or USB

• Easiest Backup & Restore apks, personal data

• Auto Backup & Send files to the third party platforms

• Extract & Retrieve APK files

• Transfer & Share Backups

• Set auto backup list to back up apks automatically

• Transfer & Share by building private Wifi-hotspot

• Wireless Transfer & Share with dizzying speed

• Auto backup & update with notifications

• Scan APK files stored in your phone

• Touch & Hold app to check details

• Manage apps by installed, archived, Drive

• Apk assistant to sort apps by name, date, size

• Show backups’ size & time & version

• Show used & total system & file storage

• Recover phone after factory resetting, Samsung, MicroMax, etc. supported

• All types of apps are supported including Game, Tool, Social Media, etc.

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