How to remove system apps without root in 2022 simple method

How to remove system apps without root

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Welcome to the TTT. Is it possible to remove system apps without root? Yeah, it's possible. There are a lot of methods to remove system apps from your phone but it has certain limitations.

Why you need to uninstall system Apps There are 3 reasons.

  1. It will increase your phone performance.
  2. It will increase your battery backup.
  3. There are a lot of alternative apps in the Play Store which has more features than your system Apps.

How to remove system apps without root

Okay now I will tell you how to remove your system apps, just go to the app drawer then go to the settings then search for an application manager select application manager in the top right sight corner there is three dots select it now popup menu will appear Then select show all system apps.(Phone Setting>Application Manager>Top Right Corner Select 3 Dots>In Popup>Show all system apps) Now scroll down and select the app which you need to uninstall For example-Google Chrome select google chrome>disable and then again select disable that’s all this is the way you can able to uninstall your system Apps.

Application Manager 3 Dots
Show System App 

Easy way to remove System apps without root

 Instead of going into settings, searching for application manager, and searching for App, there is another way to uninstall your system app go to app drawer and then long-press the app you need to uninstall now it shows app info and disable option either you select app info or disable in case if you select app info it will show you App details then press disable It will show warning agree with that and then select disable Now the app will disappear from App Drawer.(In-App Drawer>Long Press the App Icon>Select Disable).

Long Press App Info

I have given below the list of apps that can be disabled

  1. Briefing
  2. Bubbles
  3. Calculator
  4. Google Chrome (For best browser Click here)
  5. Clock (Digital_easy)
  6. Clock (Digital)
  7. Docs
  8. Dropbox
  9. Dual Clock (Digital)
  10. Flipboard
  11. Galaxy Apps
  12. GALAXY Apps Widget
  13. Google app
  14. Google Play Books
  15. Google Play Movies & TV
  16. Google Play Music
  17. Google Play Newsstand
  18. Google +
  19. Hangouts
  20. Memo
  21. My Galaxy
  22. Peel smart remote
  23. Google Photos 
  24. Polaris Office viewer
  25. Samsung print service plugin
  26. Talkback
  27. Travel wallpaper 
  28. YouTube (instead of YouTube app use browser to access YouTube Videos)



  • The above procedure has been done on a Samsung phone.
  • Don’t worry about the warranty above method will not break your warranty.
  • Without rooting you can’t able to completely remove the app from a phone which will disable the app for the user, in case if you Format the phone these disabled apps will be freshly reinstalled in your phone, But Don’t worry the above method is more than enough to increase your system performance
  • Using this procedure, you can’t able to uninstall all the System apps, there are certain apps still you can’t able to Uninstall, there is another way to uninstall those apps You can refer to this video or our webpage article.

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