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How To – Change DSLRs Lenses in Minutes

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One of the upsides of advanced SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras is the capacity to utilize an assortment of various lenses. Changing lens on your D-SLR isn’t troublesome, however there are great ways and not all that great methods for going about it. Here are a couple of things to remember while evolving lens.

A great deal of advanced SLR proprietors disclose to me that they rarely change their camera’s lens—not on account of they don’t claim a few, but rather in light of the fact that they’re stressed over getting dust or soil in the camera. That is a sensible concern: Dirt would collect be able to on the sensor and gunk up your photographs. Be that as it may, having compatible lenses is the general purpose of utilizing a computerized SLR, and it’s a disgrace not to take full advantage of your generous camera venture. To help facilitate your worries about exchanging lens—particularly outside, in a hurry—we should take a gander at the best procedure for swapping lens.

Tip to know more about your Camera Lens

How do you attach a lens to a camera?

Ensure the body dot and the lens dot are coordinating, “connect the dots” maybe. When you set the lens inside the body, turn the lens to one side and it should snap in. To evacuate, put your finger on the expansive catch to one side of the focal point/lens and contort left, uniting the specks back, at that point haul out.

Nikon’s D-SLR cameras and lenss utilize a pike style mount called the F Mount. Before endeavoring to mount or descent a lens, ensure the camera’s energy is swung to the “Off” position. To mount a lens, coordinate the mounting record specks on the lens and camera body, embed the base of the lens into the mount and after that turn the lens counterclockwise until the point when it secures. Squeezing the lens discharge catch on the body and turning the lens about a quarter turn clockwise will evacuate it.

Steps to Change Camera Lens:

Changing lens on DSLR cameras is a genuinely simple process. Take after this technique to do as such –

  1. Turn off the Camera – Make sure your DSLRs power is shut down before changing lens.
  2. Expel the top cover from the lens that you will be putting on the camera. Once the top cover is off, put it just on top of the lens to keep it secured until the point that you are prepared to put in on the camera.
  3. Press the release button of the Camera – This will help you to rotate the camera lens and take it off from the DSLR. Once the lens is off, take the top cover from the other lens and place it on the lens you just removed.
  4. Align the mounting index mark on the lens with that of the DSLR.  Lens should slide into the Camera. Then twist into the place. Now you will know it is in place where you can hear a click.

It’s done!!

how to change camera lenses quickly

The focal point is solidly set up on the DSLR camera and you are prepared to start shooting once more. The whole strategy takes close to a moment or two. The technique is the same for any model of Nikon DSLR camera. Make certain to take incredible care when dealing with the focal points and utilize the top cover to shield the focal points from clean.

Whenever you change the lens on a SLR, you hazard giving dust a chance to enter the camera. That tidy would settle be able to on the low-pass channel which is straightforwardly before the picture sensor and would result be able to in what looks like smears or dark or dim dabs on your photographs. To limit the possibility of that event, you need to uncover within the camera body as meager as conceivable while evolving lens. That implies having the lens you need to put on the camera prepared to go before you take the present lens off the camera. Once more, ensure you kill the camera’s energy before changing the lens as the picture sensor itself produces a static electric charge that can draw in tidy. In the event that you are utilizing a VR (Vibration Reduction) lens, you will likewise need to turn the VR switch on the lens barrel to “Off”. Next, shield your camera by turning your back to the wind, rain or clean that could blow into the camera.

Take a Notice of:

When dealing with a lens, get a handle on the focal point barrel and abstain from touching the front or back components to avert fingerprints. Start continually utilizing front and back focal point tops to additionally secure the focal point components. Work on changing focal points at home to wind up plainly proficient at doing it rapidly and effectively.

You would take be able to the camera to your neighborhood shop, or you can do it without anyone else’s help.

Hope this article was helpful to know how to change camera lenses quickly. Visit again…

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