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Exclusive: SmugMug Acquires Professional Photography site Flickr!

Exclusive: SmugMug Acquires Profession Photography site Flickr!

SmugMug has declared that they’ve purchased Flickr!

USA Today broke the news saying – The two photograph sharing services are collaborating, as SmugMug purchases Flickr from Verizon’s digital media auxiliary Oath. The destiny of the website has been open to question as a feature of the progressing decay of Yahoo, which was purchased by Verizon a year ago $4.5 billion dollars and joined with AOL under Oath.

Exclusive: SmugMug Acquires Profession Photography site Flickr!

Flickr is known as one of the first and best websites for photographers, having been around since 2004, however, its significance has waned as of late. In any case, the photo-sharing site still brags more than 100 million users and billions of pictures. Traffic of photo hosting site has shrunk from its heyday, yet Flickr says it has more than 75 million enrolled professional photographers and in excess of 100 million one of a kind client who posts several billions of photographs. In March, Flickr had 13.1 million extraordinary users, up from 10.8 million a year sooner, as indicated by the look into firm comScore.

SmugMug is a paid photo sharing and image hosting website existed even before Flickr, going onto the scene in 2002. It was established by father and child Chris and Don MacAskill. For those who use the photo sharing site as a more genuine photographic source, news of the obtaining ought to be welcome, as a successive grievance was that Yahoo’s absence of specialization in photography had left the site to mope. Chief Doug MacAskill says SmugMug wants to feedback from Flickr’s users and workers before pushing ahead with any changes on the site.

MacAskill declined to reveal the terms of the arrangement, which closed this week.

He additionally said “I don’t know what the future of this service holds. This is another new model for me,” he said. “We surely think we have to work it with an eye to our income and our profitability. We will need to investigate the business and ensure its development.”

“It sounds silly for the CEO not to thoroughly comprehend what he will do, however, we haven’t built SmugMug on a groundbreaking strategy either. We endeavor to tune in to our users and when enough of them request something that is vital to them or to the community, we go and build it.”

He finished up saying, be that as it may, Flickr will stay independent as SmugMug gathers information and decides the best plan for the two organizations. SmugMug declined to uncover the specifics of the deal and other financial terms.

“Going forward – SmugMug CEO Promises that photography will be a ‘top priority’ for Flickr”

The SmugMug procurement concludes a long and frequently painful chapter for Flickr. Fans of this website seem cautiously optimistic about the move. A number of users have expressed hope that SmugMug can make good on its promise to revive Flickr. “I really hope they have the chops to run the website on the scale it needs. Especially on the backend. I’m actually optimistic about the site’s future, for the first time in a long time,” one user, who claimed to be a photo sharing user since 2006, wrote. Others praised SmugMug as a worthwhile service on its own.

SmugMug snaps up Flickr photo service from Verizon's Oath

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Exclusive: SmugMug Acquires Professional Photography site Flickr!
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