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For Once in a Bangalore, it’s not a Traffic Jam. It’s a Drumjam!


For once in a Bangalore, it wasn’t a traffic jam on MG Road on Sunday evening. It was Drumjam. The sound of pounding drums and jingling tambourine resounded from the lane, initiated as Rangoli Metro Art Center made our Trending Tips and Tricks social team to stop and tap out feet on the drum rhythms.


The youthful, old, ladies and kids – all were seen whipping the drums at the hand-drumming occasion composed to unite individuals. While the majority of the members were novice drummers, they belted it out beat by beat, drumming as one.

It’s a drum therapy for stressed-out Bangalore citizens!

IT is a monthly event in partnership with the Rangoli Metro Art Centre, organized on one of the Sundays of the month. The point is to unite random people together by an activity which was one of the more primal types of correspondence. We are in a period where we are constantly connected through technology, yet never communicate with the general population around; the Drumjam takes individuals back to the real world and that transition is excellent.

Roberto Narain, head at Drumjam and is one of the leading trained corporate drum circle facilitators in the country, and also a member of the Drum Circle Facilitators’ Guild. Vasundhara Das encourage an enormous group drum circle once every month in the core of town.


So what precisely occurs at a drum circle?

Simply, you drum, and you have a great deal of fun. You needn’t be a professional drummer or even comfortable with drumming to show up: facilitators will acquaint you with your instrument, and you can play along at a pace that suits you. Drumjam additionally frequently lead-free workshops heretofore, should you wish to get more comfortable with the instrument {usually a djembe}. They give the instruments, but at the same time, the pleasure is all mine to bring along your own particular tambourines or other percussion instruments.

More than learning abilities or accuracy, the focal point of these drum circles is frequently on fun, imagination, push discharge, and building relational abilities, and in addition, assembling a feeling of the group. It’s particularly beautiful to watch individuals from a scope of foundations take an interest. Others simply show up and get their score on by moving. There’s space for everybody.

The occasion will be sorted out by Drum jam, a group headed by Roberto Narain and Vasundhara Das. “The object is to fabricate group, break boundaries and unite individuals. Mood and drumming rise above all limits and have an otherworldly touch with regards to uniting individuals. Bangalore has been a musically mindful city, and music is a piece of its legacy. We needed a focal space to compose this occasion,” said on-screen character and artist Vasundhara Das.

Exactly 100 Bangaloreans take an interest with eagerness. The occasion additionally reserved some expert drummers, who took an interest for the love of music. Presently on, the occasion will be sorted out each month. “We will come here consistently on a Sunday to connect with individuals with music,” said Vasundhara.

Location – Rangoli Metro Art Centre, MG Road Boulevard, beside MG Road Metro Station, MG Road. Entry to community Drum jam is open to the public. Instruments will be provided for free!

Join the drumjam community now!

For Once in a Bangalore, it’s not a Traffic Jam. It’s a Drumjam!
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