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How to Customize your iPhone Control Center

How to Customize Control Center on your iPhone | Trending Tips and Tricks

Control Center gets a great deal greater and more customizable as of iOS 11. While you can access your spotlight, clock, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, AirPlay Mirroring, camera, sound playback controls, your Home application shortcuts (and others), you’ll additionally have the capacity to turn cell information on or off, trigger Low Power mode, immediately open the Notes application, and a ton more! Here are some trending tricks to tweak iPhone Control Center in iOS 11.

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These trending tips and tricks are specifically for iPhone users for using Control Center in iOS 11 OS X. Also, check out the best ways to improve your iPhone battery life.

What can you put in Control Center?

Of course, you’ll see Apple’s picked alternate shortcuts in iPhone Control Center, however, truth be told, you can include various different shortcuts, or remove the ones you don’t utilize a considerable measure. All the following include:

Camera, Home, Wallet, Low Power Mode Toggle, Screen Recording, Flashlight, Calculator, Alarm, Notes, Do Not Disturb while Driving, Voice Memos, Magnifier, Apple TV Remote, Timer, Stopwatch, etc.

How to add Controls to Control Center in iOS 11

When you have Control Center enabled on your iPhone, you can tweak which highlights you need to make alternate shortcuts for in iOS 11.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Control Center
  3. Tap Customize Controls.
  4. Tap the add button (+) next to a control under the More Controls section.

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How to Organize the Order of Controls in Control Center

You may find that you want to make use of one particular control more and another rarely in your iPhone. You can now organize what order they display in the panel of your iOS 11.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone
  2. Click Control Center
  3. Press and hold on a control until it goes into hover mode.
  4. Drag the control to its new location on the list.

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trending tricks to tweak iPhone Control Center in iOS 11 iOS 11 battery tips

You can fiddle with your Control Center settings until it looks just right.

How to Remove Controls from your iPhone Control Center in iOS 11

So perhaps it turns out you don’t use the flashlight as much as you figured you did. You can remove it from iPhone Control Center in iOS 11.

Here is how:

  1. Open Setting on your iPhone
  2. Tap Control Center
  3. Tap Customize Controls.
  4. Tap the Remove button(-) next to a control under the Include section.

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“iPhone Control Center gets significantly more helpful in iOS 11 Thanks to customizable controls!”

Take a Note of:

You won’t be able to perform any changes to Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Lock Screen Rotation, Wi-Fi, Screen Mirroring or Do Not Disturb. These controls remain in your iPhone Control Center.

  1. If you have any queries about customizing your iPhone Control Center, then put them in our comments section and our team will help you out.
How to Customize your iPhone Control Center
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