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Supernova – The Best Gift To Give a Kid This Holiday Season

Step into the future with the Air Hogs Supernova. Kids can control Supernova with the power of their hands!

Actually, an adult wouldn’t be too disappointed either.

Air Hogs Supernova

We at the Trending Tips and Ticks team thought the Air Hogs Supernova, an interactive drone to control with your hands, would be too tough especially for your six-year-old son to play with.

We were wrong 🙁

A few minutes after it came out of the box, the Supernova was flying around our living room, with his little hands chasing after it, trying to regain control. Within a week, he could hover the drone in his palm, looking like a happy little magician before laughing and shooting it up in the air.

While the Supernova does take some time to get used to, it doesn’t have the same steep and frustrating learning curve of most small drones, which are typically tougher to control than the big ones.

The basic controls of this drone are simple!

You hold your hands below or beside the Supernova’s five sensors to move it back and forth or up and down. After a couple of days, my son was passing the drone off to me from across the room or buzzing it around his mom while she tried to make dinner. There’s also a stunt mode that has 30 preprogrammed tricks. It was a little too hard for him but a lot of fun for me—once I managed to memorize a couple of the complicated hand gestures that work like passcodes, telling the drone what tricks you want it to perform.

The Supernova is surrounded by a protective cage, which meant it could take a few hits off of our walls and ceiling without falling apart. The only real knock on it is battery life. After a full hour of charging, we got five minutes of play time, tops, before the sound of angry bees quieted down and the drone slowly sunk back to the floor. But this thing costs less than $30, so it’s hard to be that disappointed.

There aren’t a lot of toys that are practically guaranteed to be loved. In our house, at least, this was one of them.

Kids can place their hand below the drone to control its height or place one hand on either side to control its direction. Best of all? Kids can activate Trick mode by swiping their hands down along each side of the drone. Kids can master more than 30 moves and nine different super tricks. This progressive drone can orbit around your body, perform a disco-inspired dance, or do some 360-degree spins. If this doesn’t make you feel like a wizard, I don’t know what will. The tricks will take some practice and patience, but before long, kids will become Supernova masters and be ready to impress everyone they know with their flight skills.

The drone’s propellers are protected by a lightweight, somewhat fragile plastic cage—so be sure not to leave this toy lying on the floor. The best feature is the automatic takeoff: Just drop the drone from a few feet off the ground and off it goes. The drone will slowly stabilize and levitate in the air, waiting for its next motion command.

The Air Hogs Supernova is intended for indoor use only—and your flights should take place in an open area away from any sharp breezes. The drone takes about an hour to charge and has a 5- to 7-minute flight time, so keep the charger handy so kids can play over and over again. And at just $39.99, this entertaining lil’ drone is much more affordable than some of its brothers and sisters on the toy store shelves.

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Supernova – The Best Gift To Give a Kid This Holiday Season
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