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What to do When Windows Update Gets Stuck

Windows Update happen quietly in the background, only installing after a prompt or when you close your PC down. Sometimes, it may need a bit of assistance.

You might not care for Windows update, but they keep you ensured, squash awful bugs and for the most past keep the OS running as easily as would be prudent.

Windows Update stuck or is frozen, is a possibility in Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as in Windows 10. Windows 7 has the highest probability of failures where the Windows update may get stuck at ‘searching for updates.’


When the Windows patch, or maybe the service pack, is being installed during the closing of PC or at the startup, there is high chance the update installation gets stuck – locks up, hangs, freezes, stops…

Well, Windows is taking time to fix these problems


Depending on how Windows and BIOS are configured, you may have to hold down the Power button for several seconds before the PC turn off. On a laptop or Tablet, removing the battery may be necessary.

But if it does, then don’t panic. We got you covered!!

How do you stop a Windows Update in Progress?

  • Disconnect from the internet for a few minutes to make sure a downloading update is stopped
  • One more way to stop an update in progress is by clicking on “Windows Update” option in the “Control Panel” and then click on “Stop” button

Be patient!!

Other techniques, which would help you fix Windows Update problem

Press CTRL – ALT – DEL keyboard keys. Windows updates may be hung at very specific part of the installation process and you could be presented with your Windows login panel after executing above mentioned keyboard command.

So, log on as you normally would and let the updates continue to install successfully.

Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

It is one of the simplest ways you can consider –

  • Go to “Start” option – search for Troubleshooting option and run it
  • “Control Panel” will open up a window showing list of troubleshooter’s options
  • Find “System and Security” option. Click on ‘fix problems with Windows Update’ in this section
  • Click on “Advanced” option in Windows Update Troubleshooting Windows panel
  • While selecting advanced option, make sure you check on “apply repairs automatically” checkbox given.
  • Later click on “Run as Administrator” and click on next
  • Now the Troubleshooter will start working and after completing its process, it will let you know if it was successful in recognizing the issue

Launch Windows in Safe Mode

Windows Safe Mode resembles a restart with additional items – just the extremely essential applications and code that Windows to run are stacked into memory, so there’s even less shot of a maverick, harmed document meddling with the update. In Windows 10, hold down the Shift key then pick Power and Restart from the Windows sign-in screen.

On the following screen you see pick Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, Startup Settings and Restart, and you ought to then observe the Safe Mode choice show up: have a go at going through the refresh procedure again on the off chance that you can. A speedy inquiry online will give you Safe Mode directions for more established forms of Windows.

Complete System Restore

If you want to undo the modifications made so far by the incomplete installation of the Windows Updates. Since you cannot access Windows normally, try doing this from Windows Safe Mode when Windows update gets stuck.

Important – During System Restore, make sure to choose the restore point created by Windows just before the Update installation.

Update BIOS

Outdated BIOS is not a common reason for this issue, but it is possible to some extent. If one for more Windows update is trying to install is involved with how Windows works with your system motherboard or other built-in hardware, a BIOS update could probably help you know how to fix Windows Update when it gets stuck.

It would be ideal if you let me know whether you’ve had achievement getting away from a hung Windows Updates installation utilizing a strategy I don’t have incorporated into the troubleshooting above. I’d be glad to incorporate it here.

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